Yukon University

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Yukon University is the only publicly funded post-secondary education institution in Yukon, a territory of 36,000 inhabitants spread out over 482,000 square kilometers. The University has 11 community campuses – one in almost every town/village within the territory, with the main campus located in Whitehorse and one at the correctional centre. One quarter of the Yukon University student body takes courses at one of the community campuses.

At Yukon University, the instructors teach with a northern perspective, offering over 50 programs, ranging from degrees to certificates to apprenticeships. Yukon University works closely with business and industry, developing programs designed to address labour force needs. The institution is a leader in education, rooted in its diverse cultures and northern environment where everyone is inspired to dream, learn and achieve.

Yukon University is globally connected. With an international airport and regular flights to Germany, Yukon is home to large populations of Germans, Swiss, Filipinos, and French, among others.

Yukon Universitye takes pride in teaching with a northern perspective. We focus on climate change, Aboriginal self-determination, and resource development – all areas in which we excel.

We have deep indigenous roots. YukonU is a trailblazer when it comes to teaching and celebrating Aboriginal history, culture, traditional knowledge and values.

With 13 campuses, Yukon University is located in nearly every Yukon community, working locally to provide education and training in partnership with the local government, business and industries.


Yukon University is a publicly funded university, providing a wide range of programs to local and international students

Intimate and functional settings available throughout the year that can accommodate 10 to 100 guests: classrooms, common areas,  lecture hall, technology, science and nursing labs, and The Hilltop Bistro

Over 85% of graduates who used the UT system were satisfied with the credit they received for the courses

In the 2018-19 academic year, there were 1,252 credit students enrolled in classes including 130 International Students from 15 different countries.

International Student web address https://www.yukonu.ca/international

On campus accommodation



Yukon University offers secure and attractive non-smoking accommodations for students

International students at Yukon University can choose to live on-campus, or off-campus in a homestay or in an independently rented apartment or house

Single rooms have a wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelves, and a small refrigerator.  Shared washroom facilities are located on each floor, designated for male and female use

Lounges are equipped with TVs and VCRs plus other recreational equipment.  Communal kitchens are available for residents to cook their own meals

Link for on-campus housing


Living expenses description

Includes accommodation (Shared Room in 2 Bedroom Apartment)

Link for Living expenseshttps://www.yukonu.ca/student-life/campus-housing

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