Vancouver Community College (VCC)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Four local institutions had come together in 1965 to form what is presently known as the Vancouver Community College. The four institutions were the Vancouver Vocational Institute, the Vancouver School Board’s Night School Program, the Vancouver School of Art, and the King Edward Senior Matriculation and Continuing Education Center. They had all merged together and were initially called the Vancouver City College. Classes were held at the King Edward Center in the beginning. The college had established a campus in the Langara neighborhood, which in 1994 had turned into an independent college. In 1974, after separation from the Vancouver School Board, Vancouver City College came to be known as Vancouver Community College. The main campus was then moved to 1155 Broadway from 12th Avenue and Oak Street (the King Edward Center). Presently, the campus at 200 block Dunsmuir (Downtown campus) houses all the facilities that were available at the Vancouver Vocational Institute initially.

The Vancouver Community College comprises three campuses. The first campus is situated at Hamilton (200 Block Dunsmuir). It is known as the Downtown campus. This campus is accessible by the SkyTrain of Vancouver. The second campus of VCC is situated at 1155 East Broadway. It is famous as the Broadway campus. This campus had cost a total of $55 million. $44 million was sponsored by the Government of British Columbia and the rest $11 million was paid by various community donors and Vancouver Community College. The building here is seven-storied, covering an area of 12,400-metre square (133,000 square feet). It houses the Training programs of Health Sciences of Vancouver Community College. The Broadway campus had opened its doors in January 2009. The third campus was established in 2014. The Heavy Metal Trades of Vancouver Community College is located on this campus. This is shared with the VCC/BCIT campus. In addition to these three campuses, Vancouver Community College has around 36 learning and community outreach centers.

Vancouver Community College has both part-time and full-time programs. Some of the programs that are offered at Vancouver are Academic Upgrading, Design, Hospitality, Music and Dance, University Transfer, Business, Health Sciences, Languages and Writing, Transportation Trades, Baking and Culinary Arts, Hair, Esthetics and Makeup, Instructor Training, Technology, Apprenticeship Training, English as a Second Language, Human and Family Services, Students with Disabilities, and Youth Training in Trades. With a yearly budget of $105 million, Vancouver Community College is a major college offering postsecondary educational courses in the British Columbia area.

Notable alumni of Vancouver Community College include Canadian chef Anthony Sedlak, Canadian novelist Keith Maillard, Canadian author Iain Lawrence, Swiss singer Rykka, Canadian singer and songwriter Veda Hille, singer Jennifer Scott, Canadian composer Marc Baril, artist Gwaai Edenshaw, Canadian chef Kevin Cherkas, Canadian television presenter Benny Yau, poet Haruko Okano, politician Steve Fortin, politician Joy Davies, and film actor Rudwan Khalil Abubaker.

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