Uskudar University Turkey

Üsküdar University has been officially established since March 3, 2011. It was founded by the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation, and it is the first thematic university of Turkey in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences.

At the beginning, NP Group opened the Turkish branch of Memory Centers of America on May 25, 1999, on Baghdad Street in Istanbul with the participation of the President of the Republic, Süleyman Demirel. Memory Centers, having accomplished implementing the “Brain check-up” and “Magnetic stimulation Treatment (TMS) (first in Turkey), continue to uninterruptedly offer new treatment methods in psychiatry effectively with its highly qualified, expert staff.

Memory Center adopted relying on scientific measurements in the diagnosis and the treatment of brain functions dealing with neurological and psychiatric diseases, realizing one year later, the second stage opening of its Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit on October 3, 2000 with the participation of Wenon Wells, the President of “Memory Center of America”.

In February 2003, NP GROUP put into service a five-story center for Adult Neurology and Psychiatry in Feneryolu, and allocated the villa behind it for young children and adolescent psychiatry.

Since November 2006, NP GROUP has been using functional and volumetric MR visualization techniques. Then on March 20, 2007, they established the first and the only Neuropsychiatry Hospital in Turkey, and began meeting the needs for an in-patient institution and with the participation of Bülent Arınç, President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, inaugurated the hospital.

In June 2009, NP GROUP started the first Clinical Pharmacogenetic Laboratory in Neuropsychiatry in Turkey, and on August 10, 2009, established the service of Child and Adolescent Psychology and adult psychiatry at NP ISTANBUL Polyclinic at Etiler.

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