St. Lawrence College (SLC)

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

St. Lawrence College was found in the year 1967 and was established as a college of Applied Arts and Technology. There are numerous courses offered by the college such as business administration, engineering and technology, electronics, home economics and many more. The college was found by William Davis who is also known as “father of Ontario College” with an aim to guide and educate people for employment purposes in their own respective communities. Thus, the primary focus of college was towards Applied Arts and Technology. The students were offered professional and occupational courses and certificate programs which were of the short period but guaranteed employment in some of the other fields.

As the college has been witnessing an increase in the number of student admissions, the college has expanded tremendously since its foundation. All the three campuses of St. Lawrence are situated across the river St. Lawrence and the campuses are verdant in nature and close to major cities of Canada. The main site which was earlier determined to be the main campus of the college was Brockville, but as Brockville had a smaller coverage finally Kingston was chosen as the full-fledged campus of St. Lawrence. Brockville is smaller than the other two campuses of St. Lawrence. Cornwall and Kingston serve as the main campuses of the college which were originally planned to provide training to the nearby regions of East Ontario.

There are varieties of courses offered in SLC. Some of the bachelor degree programs which are offered are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelors in Business Administration and even in behavioral psychology.

SLC has got an Alumni and Development Office which is helping the college to raise funds so that SLC can reach out to more students and provide them with professional and occupational courses to make them eligible for future job offers.

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On campus accommodation



St. Lawrence College offers on-campus accommodation through the St. Lawrence College Residence

All of the residences on our three campuses have fully furnished single or double-occupancy suites and common areas for group study and social activities

There are accessible suites available for students with disabilities

The Kingston campus has a 600-bed residence offering a safe, secure, convenient, and affordable housing

Residence spaces will be allocated on a “First-come, First-in” basis until all the beds in the residence are filled

Link for on-campus housing

Living expenses description

Kingston Campus Residence: $6644.00 for a double room + $1,700.00 meal plan

Link for Living expenses

Off campus accommodation


Details for off-campus

The average rent is 1050 CAD/month

The residence type includes studio apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, 4 bedroom apartments and shared apartments

The student residences are fully furnished with all the basic amenities such as electricity, water and high-speed internet included in the rent

On -site laundry facility is also available

Link for off-campus housing–Canada

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