Halic University

Haliç University is a foundation university, which was founded in 1998 by the Children Leukemia Foundation in Turkey. Haliç University offers 21 academic departments in its five faculties, with three schools, School of Nursing, School of Physical Education and Sport and School of Health Sciences and Conservatory.

University hosts drama, music, visual arts and other cultural events each year. The University has Theatre. At Haliç University there are more than 30 social, athletic, artistic, and other types of student clubs.

Medical Services

At Haliç University, a business doctor system and infirmary are present, in which two physicians and two nurses work alternately and which meets the sanitary needs of the students, academic and administrative staff in urgent cases. The daily medical examination of the students and academic-administrative staff is carried out in the infirmary and immediately required drugs are provided. In emergencies and more serious cases which necessitates further examination patients are sent to the hospitals. Due to a protocol done with Vatan Hospital, the patients who consult the hospital through our university are given a 15% reduction of the total expenses.

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