Opening September 2022 and located in the heart of Southern California, our new Pasadena campus is set in a peaceful community with a diverse landscape and stimulating learning environment.

Featuring modern amenities and all the tools, equipment and space you will need to let your education and imagination soar, the 15-acre campus offers plenty of green space for academic exchange and learning and is within reach to make the most of opportunities throughout Los Angeles County.

Earn an internationally recognized degree, get personalized course planning and university preparation and engage in more than 120 learning enrichment and club activities per year.

Our purpose-built campus will offer safety and security with newly constructed, spacious classrooms and labs, amazing natural surroundings and on-campus sports facilities. Theater students will step into the spotlight in our beautiful auditorium. The STEM center will be stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and welcoming art studios not only enrich classes but feature gallery space for exhibitions. The Student Union building will host the main dining hall with indoor/outdoor seating and a convenience store. Complete the school day with a bit of physical activity in the gym, pool, dance studio or basketball courts.

At our private international high school in Pasadena, our academic philosophy is rooted in holistic learning. Here students will engage with a variety of subjects and courses that aim to help them find and pursue their passions while preparing for university. We offer the nationally recognized US High School Diploma program from Grades 8-12. In Grades 11 and 12, we will offer the IB Diploma program, which develops intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. IB courses also allow students to start earning university credits before graduation.

In the on-campus residences you will live in a modern space with stylish interior design that sparks creativity and fosters a feeling of togetherness. The residences will be secure and monitored 24/7 by security and live-in Resident Advisors. To build on the internationalism that defines our school, students will enjoy living with roommates from different countries around the world.

Our Activities Coordinator will organize a series of clubs, activities, and sports that will develop students’ skills and inspire them to explore their interests. Start an after-school club on-campus, join a varsity sports team, volunteer in the local community or explore more of Southern California where you can learn to surf at the Santa Monica beach, hike Runyon Canyon, visit the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and stargaze in Hollywood.

California host to some of US’s most respected universities, whether that’s California Institute of Technology, Pepperdine University, the University of California system and more. Our school in Pasadena is an ideal setting in which to prepare for university enrollment in California State, on the West Coast of the US and internationally. During the school year, representatives from 150 universities visit our campus to speak with our students.

California State Education Department, National Association of Independent Schools, California State Association of Independent Schools

EF Academy Pasadena accreditations: California State Education Department, National Association of Independent Schools, California State Association of Independent Schools

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